This Not That: Life Line Not Tow Rope





Sermon Notes

James 4
Live Near To God not Near to the World

James 4:4-6
John 15:9-17

Jealousy = Wanting back someone that’s your
Covet = Wanting something that’s not yours
Envy = Hating the person who has what you want


James 4:7-10

Submission + Resistance + Movement = Nearness to God + Distance from the World


James 1:13-15

What does active resistance look like?

  1. It looks like prayer
    Prayer is an invitation to an ongoing and engaging relationship. 
  2. It looks like worship
    Worship is a demonstrative statement of the Lordship of Christ. 
  3. It looks like meditating on God’s Word
    Meditating on the Word of God is a truth infusion.
  4. It looks like obedience in all matters
    Friends of God are those who keep His commandments.


James 4:8b-10

Repentance + Humility = Resurrection

Pastor Charlie illustrates the "tow rope" of the world that pulls on us (right) vs. the "life line" that God uses to draw us nearer to him (left).


Wash Your Hands = This a cease and desist order. To wash your hands of something/someone is to remove or separate yourself from it/them. 

Purify Your Hearts = A change of our motives/motivations.

Grieve, Mourn, Wail = A change of our attitude towards sin.


Self-Lowering = God Raising