Getting Back into the Spiritual Fight


Sermon Notes

Sermon Title: Getting Back into the Spiritual Fight

A prophet is someone who God speaks through to make His word and will known, someone who represents God and the ways of His Kingdom.

Secular Humanism is a comprehensive, nonreligious life stance incorporating: A naturalistic philosophy. A cosmic outlook rooted in science. A consequentialist ethical system.

Religiously Pluralistic means a belief in multiple gods or multiple approaches to one god.

1 Kings 18-19

Big Ideas

  1. God is calling each of us to have a prophetic voice to those who have bet their life on dead ways and dead gods.
  2. Satan is a counter puncher. 
  3. God isn’t loosing the fight & fighting for the Kingdom of God is not a loosing battle.
  4. God renews us with His presence in Holy Places.