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Keep Pushing Through

I went to bed last night thinking "just day 2!" Maybe you did as well? The first 3 days are always the most difficult adjustment. Your routine is thrown off, your body is still trying to tell your spirit what to do and you might begin second guessing what all the fuss is about. Will fasting change your circumstances? Let me address each one of those.

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5 Ways to Maximize the "Next" Fast

I’m writing late Sunday evening…or at least it’s late for me ☺. Sunday is a pretty predictable day for me. Up at 6:30 sitting, in the front row of our church by 7:30 going over my notes while listening to worship sound check. Preach 3 services, meet, great and catchup with some great people. Leave church at around 1:30 make it to lunch by 2 and home by 3:30. If I don’t have a meeting to prep for that evening I usually fall asleep around 4 watching some sporting event. And this “nap” is why I am up later on Sunday evenings than I am any other night and since we don’t eat a real dinner on Sundays I usually snack…except tonight. My stomach doesn’t understand why tonight is different and why I am not giving into its usual demands. It’s the “NEXT” Fast 2017 – that’s why.

To complete a fast, it takes a greater desire to get somewhere you have never been than the desire to consume something you already have. It’s amazing how much power food has over our minds and bodies. God doesn’t demand that we fast to be in relationship with Him. He does however, insist that if we are going to be in relationship with Him He has to be the most important person in our lives. Fasting is a unique spiritual discipline that serves our bodies to notice that its physical needs do not outweigh our soul’s spiritual needs.

Here are five things I suggest you do to maximize this Next Fast...

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10th Annual 21-Day Fast

2017 marks Gateway’s 10th annual 21-day fast. We have begun each year with a corporate fast. A simple definition of fasting would be “giving up food for a specified period of time for a spiritual purpose.” Each year more and more people join us for this spiritual journey. A portion or all of the 21 days is spent in what is been called a Daniel Fast – after the prophet Daniel’s adaptation of his diet in his response to being taken into “noble” training in Babylon and his approach to God when He was in need of understanding (see Daniel 1 & 10).

Studies into “Daniel fast” will give you a very stringent list of what can be eaten. I have simplified “no choice foods” to mean no meat, sugar, caffeine and bread.

This year’s fast will begin Monday, January 9th and will go through Sunday, January 29th. We will conclude our time of fasting with an evening of corporate worship and prayer 6pm on the 29th. We will have resources available on January 8th to help guide you in this ancient spiritual discipline. 

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Seek First

Another new year is dawning along with the question – where did 2016 go? We know it went somewhere but it was such a blur. Each passing year has taught me that the pace of life and the stakes of life necessitate beginning the new year with getting the “right things” first. Sunday, January 8th I will be preaching a 4-part series called “Seek First.” Matthew 6 records Jesus’ teaching around giving, praying and fasting which all equate to His last statement of the chapter, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” This one verse of scripture determined the direction of my life at an early “fork” in the road. I look forward to sharing the spiritual direction of this chapter with you.

- Pastor Charlie

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WorshipMarcus dePaula
2016 Christmas Schedule

Please make a note of our worship service schedule for this holiday season:

December 4th will be the Gateway Kids Christmas Musical at 10am and 11:30am with Pastor Charlie sharing a message on "Possible Peace" at the 8:30am service.

On Saturday December 24th we will have three Christmas Eve services at 2pm, 3:30pm and 5pm. There will be no worship services on Christmas Day.

Sleep in a little on New Year's Day and then join us at either the 10am or 11:30am services. There will be no 8:30am service on Sunday, January 1st.

We look forward to seeing you at Gateway Church this holiday season!

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