10th Annual 21-Day Fast


2017 marks Gateway’s 10th annual 21-day fast. We have begun each year with a corporate fast. A simple definition of fasting would be “giving up food for a specified period of time for a spiritual purpose.” Each year more and more people join us for this spiritual journey. A portion or all of the 21 days is spent in what is been called a Daniel Fast – after the prophet Daniel’s adaptation of his diet in his response to being taken into “noble” training in Babylon and his approach to God when He was in need of understanding (see Daniel 1 & 10).

Studies into “Daniel fast” will give you a very stringent list of what can be eaten. I have simplified “no choice foods” to mean no meat, sugar, caffeine and bread.

This year’s fast will begin Monday, January 9th and will go through Sunday, January 29th. We will conclude our time of fasting with an evening of corporate worship and prayer 6pm on the 29th. We will have resources available on January 8th to help guide you in this ancient spiritual discipline. 

This 21-day fast and the “Seek First” preaching series are great ways to begin 2017. I can’t wait to get this new year started with you! I believe 2017 will represent a “Next” in all of our lives and the life of our church. Let’s get after what’s next!

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