The word “moveo” is the Latin word that means “to move” in English. It evokes the idea of moving, stirring, agitating and setting into motion.

The intent of Gateway Missions is to bring to the forefront the idea that we have all been called to move. The Bible is a story of the movement of God toward man and His expectation  that we reciprocate, and move toward Him. Once we learn to seek God, we become more aware of His command to love others. Our movement toward others exemplifies our love of God more than any other action. If we are not moving to love others, we are simply not moving toward God.

God has a role for everyone in this, and we simply want to provide an environment and culture that fosters people who are compelled to move.

Daniel Petersen


Our intent is to prompt, encourage and assist the people of Gateway Franklin with the task of moving and leaving the known. By involving our church to fully engage in the support of missions, we bring a fresh awareness of God’s command to “go”. Our GO study has been specifically designed to walk us through a process of preparing our minds and spirits to engage others with the Gospel. With this new understanding, comes a new perspective of ourselves, others, and of God.

Gateway Franklin is fully engaged in relationship in Uruguay, Kenya and Cambodia. Each place has it’s own identity and culture, but all are being loved with a specific intent, and each group of people is closer than you may think.



Beyond a forty minute bus ride and a six block walk, lies a dusty intersection with a green garbage collection container. School children sit in tall grass and rest against power poles as they access the community wi-fi. Mufflerless mopeds, barking dogs and pedestrians are commonplace. The corner of this intersection marks the realized dream of the Roldan family. This is Sinai Church and it has been the lifeblood of this suburban community for the better part of 20 years. The energy and excitement for the Gospel in this place is palpable and the church does not wait for the knock of the needy. The mission’s heart of this group of people drives them out into the community to reach people where they are. They love without condition and have no boundaries. We love this place.




If you climb the large outcropping of massive boulders near the dirt road, you can see the fishing boats on Lake Victoria in the distance. The vantage point allows one to see the green roof of a primary school. There’s a dash each morning to reach the barbed wire fence line that barely supports a wooden gate. The kids arrive early. They are not early to get a head start on the day’s assignments, but for the warm bowl of porridge that awaits them.

The teachers are already in the classroom preparing for the day. The chalk boards have been struck with lines and the little bodies make their way to crowded desks. This is Manna Academy. Manna offers hope to over 250 orphans in a community that has been ravaged with the effects of poverty, AIDS and Malaria. We love this place.




Dirt roads, ox carts pulled by water buffalo, and endless rice fields. This is the scene you will see if you undertake the journey deep into the heart of the Cambodian countryside. Takam village is a place riddled by extreme poverty, lack of education, and the oppression of Cambodian Buddhism. The village of Takam was left struggling to get back on its feet after the Khmer Rouge genocide that left its surviving residents suffering from PTSD. Yet in the center of the village, life is springing up at the Takam Church, Community Center, School, and Integrated Training Farm.  Here, Isaac and the PCL team labor together to holistically bring the gospel by loving the marginalized, building community, enlarging horizons, and inspiring hope. We love this place.